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The Jovo Jets are a team of select students/dancers ranging in ages from 5 to 18. The students train on a weekly basis and have the opportunity to work with some of the best teacher/choreographers in the industry.  They are hard working dedicated students that commit to the art of dance with many of them having aspirations to continue thier dance training through college. Many have dreams of becoming a professional artist.  They spend from 10 – 25 hours weekly in the studios and continue to maintain thier daily school work and good grades.

These dedicated dancers, as well as singers, whether they work through thier high school years,  continue through college or work professional, learn many life skills along the way.  They learn early on to be responsible, time managed, and commited to one self and others.  They learn to work and respect team members.  They learn to teach, support and encourage each other on moving forward when the work gets tough and the challenges become harder.   They take each step with confidence and they learn to stand alone.  All necessary skills to be successful in any walk of life.